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Four years ago, we started publishing weekly episodes of the Industrial Hemp Podcast. This was about 5 months before the Farm Bill was signed into law that made hemp a legal commodity crop.

But it was five years ago ‚ÄĒ at¬†Ag Progress Days 2017¬†‚ÄĒ that some very important seeds were planted in my mind.

2017 was the first year that Pennsylvania farmers could apply for a researcher permit to grow hemp. And Penn State was among the 14 research permit holders.

At Ag Progress Days that year, some folks from the Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council gave a presentation in a sweltering pole barn.


Pennsylvania bill gives medical cannabis patients DUI protection


A Pennsylvania bill approved last week by a legislative committee would protect registered medical cannabis patients from prosecution under the state’s zero-tolerance policy for THC.

Pennsylvania medical cannabis patients would receive some protection from being convicted for driving under the influence if a bill making its way through the state legislature is passed and signed into law by Governor Tom Wolf. The measure, Senate Bill 167, was approved last week by the Senate Transportation Committee with a vote of 13-0.

If approved, the legislation sponsored by state Senator Camera Bartolotta would eliminate Pennsylvania’s zero-tolerance policy for THC, which has been used without proof of impairment to penalize drivers who are registered medicinal cannabis patients.


Spotlight: Tsehaitu Abye, founder and CEO of Black Dragon Breakfast Club, on building community


"There's a lot of power in reclaiming narratives and telling your own story"

Tsehaitu Abye founded Black Dragon Breakfast Club (BDBC) in 2018. The lifestyle brand and marketing agency focuses on helping minorities and women enter the cannabis industry.

Abye founded BDBC after moving to Philadelphia from Hawaii, where she attended high school and college. In The City of Brotherly Love, Abye found that the cannabis scene was lacking, particularly for women of colour.

‚ÄúI needed to build a community for individuals like myself,‚ÄĚ she tells¬†The GrowthOp¬†from Philadelphia.

Four years later, Abye is heavily involved in the cannabis and art scene in the city and is still working to push Black-owned businesses forward.


Dr. Oz faces John Fetterman in unprecedented Senate race ‚ÄĒ and cannabis is on the table

Dr. Oz

In addition to his lucrative evidence-free advice, Dr. Oz recently said that legalizing recreational cannabis in PA would make people lose their motivation to go to work.

Celebrity Doctor Mehmet Oz officially became Pennsylvania's Republican Senate candidate when his opponent Dave McCormick conceded on Friday despite Oz's razor-thin lead of less than a thousand votes. (Benzinga)

Oz will now face Democrat Lt. Gov. John Fetterman in what’s expected to be one of the most-watched and most expensive Senate races in U.S. history.


Senate candidate John Fetterman's campaign T-Shirts: 'It's high time to legalize cannabis'


The 2022 midterm elections are heating up as politicians on both sides are batting around different strategies to reach their goals.

A recent survey from Morning Consult and Politico revealed that four out of ten voters overall said ending cannabis prohibition should be prioritized, shedding light on Democrats' midterm strategy. (Benzinga)

John Fetterman, an American pro-marijuana politician serving as the 34th Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania and currently the top Democratic Senate candidate on Tuesday's primary in the state, is loud and clear regarding cannabis reform.


Pennsylvania court rules medical cannabis still a controlled substance



Judge Deborah A. Kunselman rejected an appeal from a Pennsylvania medical cannabis patient who was convicted of DUI.

A court in Pennsylvania this month ruled against a medical cannabis patient who had appealed a 2021 driving under the influence conviction. 

The York Daily Record has the background on the case involving Franklin Dabney, a 29-year-old from Hanover, Pennsylvania who was arrested in 2020 after a Pennsylvania state trooper in an unmarked vehicle clocked him going 93 miles per hour in a 65 zone.

The trooper ‚Äúnoticed a ‚Äėstrong odor of raw marijuana‚Äô coming from inside the vehicle,‚ÄĚ the¬†York Daily Record¬†reported, prompting Dabney to ‚Äú[take] out a medical marijuana card and [state] that the smell was probably originating from his clothes.‚ÄĚ


Moodedibles is bringing hemp-based bites directly to your neighborhood

woman eating edibles

If you’re looking for more than a sugar rush from a baked good, Holly Teegarden’s business might be your new favorite sweet spot.

She runs Moodedibles, an online bakery specializing in hemp-derived edibles that will soon be popping up around Pittsburgh.

Inside a small commissary kitchen in Sewickley, the treats are made with CBD, Delta-8 THC and other minor cannabinoids that reportedly offer therapeutic, non-intoxicating benefits.

By June, her food trailer will be showing up around town, dispensing information along with goodies. It is already booked for the second and fourth Saturdays at the Terminal in the Strip District.

Teegarden says she’s not in the business of getting people messed up.


Pennsylvania is feeling the pressure of neighboring states’ passage of adult-use marijuana

man with cannabis

What a move to greener pastures might look like.

Will bipartisan talks in Harrisburg finally spark recreational marijuana legalization, or is the latest effort to go green destined to go up in smoke?

With neighboring states including Maryland, New York and New Jersey establishing their own private adult-use cannabis markets, Pennsylvania may be feeling peer pressure to act. The General Assembly has taken steps this year to learn more about recreational cannabis legalization through a series of public hearings in Senate committees, and a pair of bipartisan proposals suggest the commonwealth may be closer to legalization than ever before. 


Pennsylvania's Democratic Senate candidates want to legalize pot, but appetite not as strong in Washington



It’s a game of num­bers for Dem­o­crats in Wash­ing­ton who want bold re­form on a num­ber of key boil­er­plate is­sues.

But even if they add one more to their ranks in the 50-50 Senate by way of Penn­syl­va­nia, it still may be un­likely that le­gal­ized mar­i­juana be­comes a re­al­ity on the fed­eral level.

All three of the top Demo¬≠cratic con¬≠tend¬≠ers here ‚ÄĒ John Fetter¬≠man, Conor Lamb and Mal¬≠colm Ken¬≠yatta ‚ÄĒ fa¬≠vor some de¬≠gree of mar¬≠i¬≠juana re¬≠form, but if they pull off a win in what‚Äôs one of the coun¬≠try‚Äôs most im¬≠por¬≠tant races, they‚Äôll face an up¬≠hill climb in the Senate.


Investments in hemp industry highlighted at summit

hemp seeds

The 2022 Pennsylvania Hemp Summit ran Tuesday and Wednesday in Lancaster, featuring nearly 100 hemp growers and entrepreneurs.

Industrial hemp is grown for fiber and seed. It is a different variety of the plant that produces marijuana and became regulated with marijuana in the 1950s and 1960s. Industrial hemp must maintain a concentration of the psychoactive chemical tetrahydrocannabinol below the 0.3 percent legal threshold.

‚ÄúIndustrial hemp is an economic driver delivering innovative approaches to everyday challenges,‚ÄĚ Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding said, opening the trade show.


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