Governor of Illinois signs Bill to expand State’s medical marijuana program

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed two bills on Monday that expanded access to the state’s medical marijuana program, which currently stands at over 80,000 patients. The legislation ensures the medical marijuana program’s status as a permanent system, and adds to the ways in which patients are able to access their cannabis.

“We’re telling each and every one of those patients, we’re on your side,” Pritzker said during Monday’s news conference.


Illinois Senator introduces marijuana research Bill

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) proposed a new bill that would bypass federal barriers of marijuana research.


Illinois to expunge criminal records for marijuana related offenses

Illinois is now the 11th state to legalize the selling and use of recreational marijuana for adults, a chief success for cannabis supporters who integrated "social justice" proposals into the measure.

When Gov. J.B. Pritzker's signed the new law it became the first of its kind to be passed by a state legislature and bear the signature of a governor. It was the crowning moment of a legislative year in which legalization efforts sputtered in New York and New Jersey despite heavy pressure from proponents. Illinois, which has more than 12 million residents, is the second-most-populous state to permit recreational cannabis, behind California. Regulators will spend the next few months developing a system for taxing and testing cannabis and will launch sales Jan. 1, 2020.


After marijuana legalization in Illinois, hundreds of thousands eligible to expunge previous marijuana criminal charges


"This is the greatest contradiction that we've seen: the war on drugs," said Richard Wallace, founder of the non-profit Equity and Transformation, or EAT. "Poor person sells cannabis to put food on the table; they're a criminal. A wealthy person sells cannabis to make more wealth; they're toted as innovators."
As part of House Bill 1438 to legalize recreational marijuana in Illinois, hundreds of thousands of marijuana related arrests and convictions are now eligible for expungements.


Illinois set to expunge nearly 800,000 marijuana convictions

Illinois is reportedly set to expunge nearly 800,000 marijuana convictions from criminal records. 

The move will come in response to a landmark measure Illinois Gov. J. B. Pritzker (D) signed last week that will make recreational marijuana legal starting in 2020. 

The Marijuana Policy Project said that the expansive legislation will allow 770,000 state residents to be eligible for expunging marijuana related offenses. 


The Midwest is about to have a weed revolution

Cup your hand and tuck that lighter inside your palm: Legal weed is coming to the Windy City.


Is CBD oil legal in Illinois? Legislators leave much room to wonder

CBD oil is hugely popular in Illinois. Since this U.S. state has a large population, especially in its capital, Chicago, it could potentially be a very profitable market for CBD oil. There’s just one catch – much confusion about whether it is legal yet.

You may wonder why CBD is getting so popular right now when medical cannabis has been legal for residents of Illinois since way back in 2013, and you’d be right to do so.

The recent trend of CBD being sold in almost every major retail store, health stores, vape shops, and many other stores, has been happening because of the legalization of hemp, not medical marijuana.


How Illinois became the only State to legalize weed sales without a referendum

Illinois lawmakers, solving issues that tripped up lawmakers in other states, have made recreational marijuana legal, becoming the first state where the state legislature made cannabis sales legal without a vote from the people.

Illinois is the 11th state to legalize marijuana and the second midwestern state to do so, following legalization approved by Michigan voters in 2018. Illinois lawmakers got it done by addressing many of the issues, including minority representation in the marijuana industry, that had derailed similar legislative action in New Jersey and New York.


Which States could be next to legalize marijuana?

The marijuana industry has been fueled by the legislative measures that have occurred on a statewide basis over the past five or so years. In that time, we have seen a number of states allow for the use and sale of recreational cannabis. With so many states showing that there can be a lot of success for those willing to put in the right laws, it seems that many places around the nation have begun to follow suit.


Illinois Lawmakers advance Medical Cannabis Expansion Bill

Members of both chambers have advanced legislation, Senate Bill 2023, to expand the state’s medical cannabis access program.


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