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What do we know about cannabis and creativity?


A new book explores how weed can help and hinder the creative process

Jordana Wright had a problem.

While working on her second book, Cannabis for Creatives: How 32 Artists Enhance and Sustain Inspiration, her source material was piling up.

She had interviewed a wide range of artists about how cannabis factors into their creative processes, delved deeply into the science behind creativity and explored how cannabis and the brain interact. But she was struggling to figure out how to piece it all together.

So she smoked a joint.


Pigeon seen smuggling cannabis into Peruvian prison


The pigeon has been sent to an animal shelter to help it “resocialize” and leave behind its delivery days.

The noble, albeit now often-maligned, pigeon has been used as a message carrier during chariot races to times of war. That may be why someone in Peru tried using the bird’s impressive homing abilities to fly weed into a prison.

Perhaps parched, the cannabis-carrying bird was spotted this week when it touched down on the grounds of the Huancayo Penitentiary near the administrative building to drink some water from a puddle there.


Visit Oakland blazes the Oakland cannabis trail


Fun, Safe and elevated tourism experience deeply rooted in the town's history

Visit Oakland launches the Oakland Cannabis Trail – a historical, colorful travel adventure with unique retail and cannabis centric experiences for the cannasseur (a well-informed cannabis enthusiast) and canna-curious (one who is discovering the world of cannabis) alike.

Developed by Visit Oakland in collaboration with cannabis travel enthusiasts and Oakland’s leading retailers, the Oakland Cannabis Trail offers a curated, immersive trip through The Town’s diverse, amazing neighborhoods. Shared information highlights cannabis travel facts and tips for a safe, memorable experience.


Read before burning: What if you try cannabis and don’t like the effects?

beautiful fit woman

Let’s say you’re smoking marijuana — perhaps for the first time. What do you do if you just aren’t liking it?

Maybe it’s that you tried it and you didn’t get high. If it’s your first time using THC this might be the case. It sometimes takes two or three tries to get human cannabinoid receptors on board and running up to capacity.

Another reason for not feeling the buzz is that you may just not recognize that it is happening. Some people expect it to be like getting drunk or like some other drug they may have taken. The marijuana high can be subtle and affect you in ways that you don’t expect. For instance, instead of becoming boisterous and loud, you may have a sudden fascination with the weave on your clothing, or the taste of the best peach you ever ate.


Kevin Durant first tried weed at 22 and still enjoys its benefits a decade later

Kevin Durant

The admittedly high Brooklyn Nets star tells David Letterman that cannabis “clears the distractions” and is like “having a glass of wine"

National Basketball Association (NBA) superstar Kevin Durant isn’t shy when it comes to cannabis. Indeed, Durant was high while telling David Letterman all about it.

As part of an upcoming interview with Letterman on Netflix’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Durant, 33, was asked when he first smoked cannabis.

He was no kid; he was 22. “To me, it clears the distractions out your brain a little bit, settles you down. It’s like having a glass of wine,” responded the two-time champion and 2014 NBA Most Valuable Player.


An essential guide for returning cannabis users


Cannabis has never been easier to access. Here’s a quick guide for returning users.

As cannabis becomes legal in a growing number of states, its use is becoming increasingly popular. And while many newbies are giving it a shot, there are a lot of people who are finding themselves returning to cannabis as they enter a new stage in their lives, using it for medicinal or recreational purposes.

While more plentiful than ever, the new cannabis world can be overwhelming to navigate. With federal laws and states having different rulings on the drug and how it operates, it’s difficult to jump back in without some guidance. Fear not ⁠— here’s a basic guide for returning weed users.


Old dogs, new tricks: Is your canine in need of cannabis?

woman with dog

Although owners are always discouraged from using cannabis products formulated for humans on their pets, there is a growing variety of hemp derived products that may help relieve joint pain

You see them in the dog parks and on walks around the neighborhood — those slower moving old dogs still doing their best to be the best companion they can be, striving to keep up the pace they once had. Try as they might, age and disease take a toll.

A whopping 70 million dogs experience some form of osteoarthritis (OA), a chronic form of joint inflammation that is the result of cartilage deterioration. It is a painful condition experienced by dogs, especially those in their senior years. Similar to humans , pain and swelling, stiffness, and aching joints are common symptoms. 


WWE legend says Vince McMahon banning marijuana was the "worst thing he could’ve done"

Jake "the Snake" Roberts

WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts feels Vince McMahon banning marijuana wasn't a good move as wrestlers used other drugs.

WWE banned the use of marijuana in the 90s following the high-profile steroid trials. In recent years, WWE eased off on its marijuana policy, and wrestlers neither get suspended nor fined if they're found using marijuana.

On the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Roberts said McMahon shouldn't have banned marijuana as it's not as deadly as other drugs. He said marijuana was a drug that wrestlers used to relax, but with the ban, they had to switch to other substances:


Reasons why you need to use hemp body lotion

woman's armpit

The hemp body lotion is an essential addition to your natural skincare routine. Hemp is a fantastic ingredient that naturally moisturizes skin while also providing it with a host of other benefits. Hemp body lotions are a great way to incorporate hemp into your daily skincare routine and useful for those who want to use natural skincare products. Here are the reasons you need to use hemp body lotion and incorporate it into your natural skincare routine.


Does Hollywood icon Christopher Walken, 78, smoke weed? ‘Sure’


Oscar-winner reports he consumed cannabis in the past and still does

The eminently talented and endlessly impersonated Christopher Walken recently handled a question about his possible cannabis use with the same style he’s known for: straight-faced, he just admitted it.

Per El Planteo, his response was simple:


Apparently hoping to delve deeper, journalist David Marchese then asked:

“Do you still smoke?” Again, the response was short and sweet:


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