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Cannabis events just might save Atlantic City


Atlantic City, New Jersey could boom as a destination for cannabis business conventions and other events.

Atlantic City, New Jersey could return to its original glory as a tourist destination with the boom of the Green Rush and the cannabis business events that follow. A city once dominated by the gambling industry is now facing its unknown future, and local experts think cannabis business-to-business events could solve that problem.


How to make your cannabis experience even more fun

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Those who have been utilizing cannabis for quite some time will tell you that after a while, a person may get bored with it, particularly if cannabis has become part of their daily routine. Just like with many other things, when you use it on a regular basis, each day just gets dull.

But fortunately, that doesn’t mean that you should stop consuming it. On the contrary. You just have to think of creative ways that will make this whole experience better and more entertaining. Let’s see what you can do!


Snoop Dogg rewards his $50K-a-year blunt roller with pay rise: 'Their salary went up!'

Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg smokes so much weed, it’s worth the cost of hiring a full-time blunt roller. The Long Beach rapper appeared on The Howard Stern Show alongside actor and fellow weed enthusiast Seth Rogen in October 2019, where he revealed he pays someone up to $50,000 a year to roll blunts for him.

“I don’t have time,” Snoop explained.

“The muthafucka rolls them and puts them in the package. Timing – that muthafucka’s timing is impeccable. That’s his J-O-B, his occupation. On his resumé, it says, ‘What do you do?’ ‘I’m a blunt roller. P-B-R – professional blunt roller. If you’re great at something I need, I’m hiring you.”


Award-winning researcher engineers cannabis strain with 20% more THC


Levels for THC and CBG were increased by 17 per cent and 25 per cent more, respectively.

Researchers from the University of Jerusalem have managed to manipulate the number of cannabinoids within a cannabis plant.

According to The Jerusalem Post, the research increased the plant’s THC level to 20 per cent more, something that could help create new strains with more medicinal power and to help boost crop yields.

The researchers were led by Professor Alexander Vainstein and managed to increase a variety of cannabinoid levels, including for THC and cannabigerol (CBG), which were increased by 17 per cent more and 25 per cent more, respectively.


Marijuana users more likely to be stuck in bad relationships, here’s why


Researchers asked 145 couples in which a least one of the partners used cannabis to share how regularly they used it and how satisfied they are with their relationships.

Cannabis might have more to do with your love life than you think, according to a new study that examined its associations with couple functioning.

Researchers from Rutgers University and Mount Holyoke College may be on to something. They found that marijuana users appear to present more negative behaviors as they approach managing conflict with their partners.

Therapists Predict There Will Be A Spike In Divorces Once The Pandemic Is Over


How cannabis can improve your sex life


Marijuana may not only increase pleasure, but by removing elements that hinder sexual enjoyment it can make the overall experience much more enjoyable. 

Since the dawn of medicine, people have sought elixers, pills and countless other remedies to improve intimacy and sexual performance. Pharmaceutical companies have made leaps and bounds in this field, with several major achievements, most famously Viagra in the 1990s.

While pharmaceuticals undergo significant tests and trials, herbal and natural remedies like cannabis often spread by word of mouth and personal recommendation. Cannabis, in fact, has been used to improve intimacy and sexual pleasure for generations. 


6 tips for having a great summer

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Now’s the time to enjoy warm weather, time outside, and new experiences, whether that be through summer jobs, internships, travel or reconnecting with friends. In the midst of summer fun, don’t forget to keep yourself safe. Follow these six tips to have a great time.


1) Hydrate often


Patricia Arquette stars in new Pride campaign from Cann and Weedmaps

Patricia Arquette

The new campaign celebrates "queer joy, inclusivity and cannabis"

Cannabis beverage brand Cann and Weedmaps have partnered on a new Pride campaign that features Patricia Arquette and a host of stars celebrating “queer joy, inclusivity and cannabis.”

Arquette joins Gus Kenworthy, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kornbread, Kerri Colby, Jorgeous and more in the original song and music video, dubbed “Taste So Good.”

Arquette is also the co-founder of the Los Angeles-based cannabis consumption lounge Fantom Flower, which is set to open next year. Arquette told Vanity Fair that her work in cannabis is about highlighting how “cannabis has been an element of cultures, throughout time.”


Sean Paul discusses new album ‘Scorcha’ and fine cannabis

Sean Paul

Armed with a new album and with touring back in motion, Sean Paul is staying busy this year.

Jamaica’s Sean Paul returns to the dancehall throne, and expectations are high with A-list featured guests on the album representing various facets of the music industry. Paul dropped his eighth full-length studio album and Island Records debut, Scorcha, on May 27.

Scorcha provides a party blueprint for the weekend, led by the single “Light My Fire” with Gwen Stefani and Shenseea. The new album also includes previously released songs “Scorcha,” “Only Fanz” (ft. Ty Dolla $ign), “Dynamite” (ft. Sia), “How We Do It” (ft. Pia Mia), and “No Fear” (ft. Damian Marley and Nicky Jam).


Teddy Long on how he quit smoking marijuana while in WWE out of respect for Vince McMahon


During a recent interview with Wrestling Inc. WWE Hall Of Famer Teddy Long revealed how he had to stop smoking marijuana for a while as General Manager of SmackDown due to the WWE Wellness Policy. Below are some highlights: Teddy Long on how he quit smoking marijuana for a while out of respect for Vince McMahon: 

“I said, ‘Hey man, my job is more important so I don’t want to let Vince down. That man gave me the opportunity of a lifetime and the reason I am where I am today is because of Vince. So, I quit, maybe about a year. I quit for a real long time. What made me start back, man, I think I just got kind of burnt out. I had been on the road for over 25 years of my life … I think I just kind of got stressed, then me and Chioda kind of started riding again.”


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