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How ancient medicine is merging with legalization

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Ayurveda is herbal medicine that blends well with marijuana legalization

Ayurveda is an ancient medical system originating in India, dating back to over 3,000 years ago.

At the very core of Ayurveda, the treatments and lifestyle recommended are meant to promote good health while preventing illness. Some of the practices that are recommended in Ayurveda include using herbal remedies, massages, yoga, meditation, and following the specified diet.


Best CBD oils for arthritis: Top 6 hemp tinctures for joint pain reviewed

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Arthritis is no joke. Painful and even debilitating in some cases, it is a serious ailment that plagues as many as 54 million Americans each year. Moreover, it is the number one cause behind disability leave in the workplace in the United States.

CBD is becoming a favorite method for treating the pain of arthritis. But what is the best CBD oil for arthritis? How do you make sure that you are getting the right one for you? Here are five of the best CBD oils on the market today for treating arthritis.


Cannabis impacts distinct demographics differently


Most drugs come with their fair share of tall tales. These range from the fearful to the reverent, granting these substances powers that do not align with their actual effects. Cannabis is one drug that has been both understudied and over-mythologized.

“Cannabis has been around for a long time, but it has not been well studied,” said Harriet de Wit, PhD, a Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago.

“People have decided for themselves what it’s good for. It’s hard for us to know how much of those effects are pharmacological or just expectancy.”


Ohio medical cannabis program has made almost $725 million


The Buckeye State’s first cannabis sales came in 2019, and now, Ohio is getting close to the $1 billion mark.

The medical cannabis program in Ohio has generated about $725 million in revenue, according to a local news report.

The figure was noted by local television station WKYC, which cited the state’s Department of Commerce Medical Marijuana Control Program.

Ohio lawmakers passed a measure legalizing medical cannabis in 2016, but sales did not begin until three years later. 

“Ohio’s program has matured pretty quickly,” said Kate Nelson, regional general manager for Acreage Holdings, a cannabis operator, as quoted by WKYC. “I’m very impressed at how much it’s grown as far as patient access goes, recommending physicians and products available.”


Can cannabis protect you from cognitive warfare?


We find ourselves in volatile times. The past two years have taken its toll on the collective mind, body and soul of humanity. We no longer trust the media, the institutions that are meant to safeguard us, and many have drawn imaginary lines of “difference” between themselves and their neighbors.

Many of us find it difficult to understand just how the hell we got here.

How did the conspiracy theorists get so much “right?” Are we really entering into a dystopian future, enslaved by the elite in a neo-corporate feudalistic system…where you need to prove how many times you got “boosted” against the latest alarmist pandemic before you can exercise basic human freedoms such as traveling or dining at your favorite restaurant?


CBD oils from oHHo can help keep physical, mental strains in check


Companies like oHHo are planting their flag as industry leaders in the growing business, offering natural CBD oils, topicals, edibles and more that balance effectiveness with full transparency.

After centuries in the shadows, cannabis and cannabis-derived products like CBD oil are finally stepping into the spotlight. Though demonized for decades as states and federal agencies tangled over legalities, there’s little question that the age of boutique CBD products crafted to help conquer a host of health and wellness concerns has gone mainstream.


Here’s what changed for medical cannabis in Utah in the 2022 legislative session


Patient advocate Christine Stenquist says the state has come a long way on medical cannabis.

A range of bipartisan bills passed during this year’s legislative session expanding Utah’s medical cannabis program. They ranged from clearer protections for patients to expanded access for qualifying conditions and more regulatory labeling.

These bills had general support from some patient advocate groups.

Christine Stenquist, founder of TRUCE — a Utah-based patient advocacy group, said the state has made progress when it comes to medical cannabis.

“When we [were] discussing the CBD-only legislation and the fear and the concern that was around that legislation, to where we are now where we have dispensaries and growers,” she said.


France enters the medical cannabis industry

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France tiptoes into the medical cannabis industry, but legalization needs to be implemented.

The French government issued a decree last month that authorizes the cultivation of medical cannabis and the development of its industry.

Although the decree entered into force on March 1, 2022, regulators need to implement it.

The legislation only specifies the conditions and procedures for the cultivation and production of cannabis for medical use.

The decree has amended some parts of France's Code of Public Health to allow cultivation, production, manufacture, transport, import, export, and possession of cannabis and its derivatives under medical authorization.


New medical marijuana law draws millions in Mississippi investment

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“I think that’s going to have ripple effects for the whole state … That’s additional money in the budget. I know that’s the hope, that they can create new tax dollar revenue to give back to the people.” 

DeAundrea Delaney built a hemp empire in Mississippi, but her sights have long been set on opening one of the state’s first medical marijuana dispensaries. 

As Delaney, 42, waited for Mississippi’s medical marijuana program to clear legislative hurdles, she set up a foundation selling what she legally could: products with hemp-extract cannabidiol, or CBD. Hemp is marijuana’s cousin — cannabis without the high. 


How close is Wisconsin to legalizing medical marijuana?


More people than ever in Wisconsin want to see pot legalized, according to a new poll. The Marquette Law School poll shows 61 percent of voters want marijuana to be legalized compared to 50 percent of voters back in 2013.

When it comes to legalization of marijuana by party affiliation, 51 percent of Republicans and 75 percent of Democrats support it.

Marquette did not ask specifically how people felt about medical marijuana like it has done in the past. There are two competing bills by Democrats and Republicans in Madison over whether to legalize medical marijuana. Both offer different restrictions on legalizing pot for medical purposes.

Megan Lowe sits with her daughter Nora who has Rett Syndrome.


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