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Luna Pier’s first medical marijuana dispensary is now open

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Green Labs Provisions, a medical marijuana dispensary in Luna Pier, is open for business.

Owned and operated by Jason (JD) Davison, a 39-year-old veteran, along with Sean Lyden and Breen Lyden, the facility located at 10701 Madison St. specializes in medical cannabis, accessories and apparel.

Open seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., customers must be 18 or older and have valid identification and a medical marijuana card.

The business has 12 employees. Dave Azoni serves as chief operating officer and Stephen Georgiadis is chief plant officer. Budtenders assist customers with in-store purchases and orders can be placed online.


Cannabis-Based Drug Approved For Cancer Treatment In Peru

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Sativyl contains a 27 mg/ml concentration of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and 25 mg/ml of CBD. It’s sold by the flask and contains 10 ml and 250 mg of concentration.


5 Medical Conditions You Didn’t Know Cannabis Helped Treat

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Cannabis has been shown time and time again to improve the lives of those who struggle with certain ailments. Here’s just a small sample.

Medical marijuana is now legal in 36 states and several U.S. territories. Its medical applications continue to broaden as cannabis becomes a mainstream treatment option in this country. 

With this increased accessibility, marijuana is now being researched and used to treat more medical conditions, and some of these may surprise you.


Analysis: We know who might sell medical cannabis in Sioux Falls, but there's still a ways to go

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With Sioux Falls' five medical marijuana licenses tentatively assigned to businesses, we're finally getting a clearer picture of what the newest industry could look like in the coming months.

While there were concerns from some that the city's fees and regulations could result in national companies taking over medical cannabis sales while local businesses struggled to nab one of the city's five licenses, Wednesday's lottery results have created a seemingly-even spread for the five-dispensary cap on licenses in Sioux Falls.

The Flower Shop LLC and East River Farms LLC both had the only application they turned in selected for a license, and PJS Holdings made the cut from only two submissions.


Medical Cannabis Commission doctor details product mixes, costs

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Commission member Blakemore said it’s crucial to maintain price transparency and breaks down what makes cannabis products work.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission heard from commission member Sam Blakemore Thursday regarding various types of cannabis products that could be made available.

Blakemore said the maximum number of days that could be purchased at a time will be 60, while patients will be allowed to possess up to 70 days worth of cannabis at a time. The maximum dosage would be 75 mg a day of Delta 9 THC and the maximum potency for minors would be 3 percent.

However, Blakemore said there could be room for deviation in some instances.


What to know about using cannabis for sleep during these sleepless times

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Using cannabis to help with sleep should be treated as a therapy rather than a nightly routine.

The last two years have tested the mental strength of millions of people. A good night’s sleep, in particular, has proved struggle for many as anxiety skyrocketed and routines were broken and shattered during the pandemic.

The term “coronasomnia” was even coined by doctors, while pharmaceutical sleep prescriptions increased 20 per cent.


Can cannabis help with migraine headaches? Experts are hopeful

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Migraines are the third most prevalent illness in the world, affecting an estimated 1 billion people worldwide. Incredibly, despite the prevalence of this malady, traditional medicine has yet to offer an answer. 

It’s not that there aren’t treatments for migraines; it’s that many people find these treatments don’t work. In some cases, the treatments themselves cause other serious problems. Meanwhile, migraine sufferers are going through hell, suffering pain, nausea, dizziness and more–sometimes for days on end.  

Given the number of people who suffer from these debilitating headaches, there’s real urgency to study alternative ways of treating migraine headaches. The latest of these? Cannabis. 


Medical marijuana sales in Arkansas near 67,000 pounds through October

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Almost 67,000 pounds of medical marijuana have been sold in Arkansas since May 2019.

Almost 67,000 pounds – roughly the weight of two F-35 fighter jets – of medical marijuana have been sold in Arkansas since May 2019, with the state collecting just under $45 million in taxes on the sales.

Licensed dispensaries in the state have sold 66,994 pounds of medical marijuana since the first dispensary opened in May 2019, with the value of the sales at $447 million.


What To Know About Using Cannabis For Sleep During These Sleepless Times

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Some say marijuana has the ability to return those with anxiety or altered sleep habits back to a normal rhythm.

The last two years have tested the mental strength of millions. Sleep in particular has been a struggle for many as anxiety skyrocketed and routines broke and shattered during the pandemic. The term “coronasomia” was even coined by doctors, while pharmaceutical sleep prescriptions increased 20%.While some people opted for pharmaceutical relief, many suffered through their restless legs and anxiety. Still others opted for another kind of sleep remedy — cannabis.



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