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Vaporizers, e-cigs of the pot world, are booming

LOS ANGELES — Chris Folkerts started selling electronic cigarette-like devices from the trunk of his car two years ago. Now he and two partners own one of the biggest brands in the business, with products in 4,000 stores nationally, an art deco office on the city's fashionable Miracle Mile and an endorsement deal with rapper Snoop Dogg.

The rapid success of Grenco Science, the privately held company Folkerts founded, mirrors the fast growth of the business it is in — marketing devices that allow marijuana users to vaporize their psychoactive weed rather than smoke it.

"This is a big industry — it is the future,'' Folkerts, 31, says. "We're really on the cusp of exploding.''


[VIDEO] Carte Blanche – Medical Marijuana

Carte Blanche discuss Medical Marijuana in South Africa. How far behind are we? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Watch the video here.

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Ganja can heal our nation - Wright-O'Connor, Seiveright believe Ja can reap rich rewards from legalising marijuana

 Daviot Kelly, Staff Reporter

Head of the Morris Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC), Hazel Wright-O'Connor, believes young persons can create business ventures using medical marijuana, provided the plant is legalised.

The MEC is an outreach unit of the Northern Caribbean University (NCU). The centre's primary focus is to provide business-development services for micro, small and medium-size enterprises.

Wright-O'Connor said students from the university's chemistry, biology and biochemistry departments were doing "wonderful things", including the creation of preservatives using gel, which eliminates the need for refrigeration.


Weeding out ganja myths

Ian Boyne

We are so intoxicated about the prospects of escaping our perennial poverty through the booming US$140-billion global ganja business that we couldn't care less about any scientific evidence which might exist about its potential harm. Ganja market and investment enthusiasts - not to mention Rastafarians like Michael Lorne - are so high over decriminalisation that they are impatient of discussion of any negative effect of ganja smoking.


Zuma’s Marijuana Speech Got The Whole of Parliament Laughing – Was He High?

Our president, as corrupt as he may be, never fails to produce the laughs… Zuma’s concluding speech with regards to Ambrosini’s Medical Innovation Bill even got the whole parliamentary congress laughing.

Maybe he was high?

[embedded content]

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Help Legalize Cannabis In South Africa By Forwarding This Letter To Government

Below is an urgent plea from member of Parliament Dr. Mario Oriani-Ambrosini, author of the Medical Innovation Bill, a bill which aims to legalize Cannabis in South Africa for medical and industrial purposes:


Protect kids from ganja!


The strong push to decriminalise ganja in Jamaica for medicinal use or scientific purposes has accelerated recently and is said to be on the parliamentary agenda for the upcoming legislative year. Many have trumpeted potential benefits of this matter as including gains in human rights, tourism, medicinal research, taxation, agricultural and broad economic benefits.

Specifically, there has been much discussion regarding a possible medicinal marijuana industry that could bring potentially great economic benefits to Jamaica. However, not much, if any discussion, has occurred on the burdens or risks that come with decriminalising ganja.


Minister of Health Downplays Cannabis Legalisation Speculation

Aaron Motsoaledi, South African Minister of Health, responded to a call by Inkatha Freedom Party Member of Parliament Mario Ambrosini to legalise cannabis in South Africa for medicinal use.


Decriminalisation of ganja 'long overdue', says opposition

KINGSTON, Jamaica:

The Opposition Jamaica Labour Party, says the plan by the Jamaican Government to decriminalise marijuana by year end is long overdue.

Decriminalisation would result in the abolition of criminal penalties and would require appropriate amendments to the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Leader of Government Business in the House of Representatives, Phillip Paulwell, yesterday confirmed that action would be taken this year in keeping with parliamentary approval.

Spokesperson on Justice, Alexander Williams, says the decision is a step in the right direction and the Opposition is looking forward to the parliamentary debate on the matter.

He says focus should now be placed on the full legalisation of marijuana for medical purposes.


Ambrosini gives details of dagga appeal - Daily News | News

Mario Oriani-Ambrosini EMOTIONAL.JPGINDEPENDENT NEWSPAPERSMario Oriani-Ambrosini became emotional when Jacob Zuma addressed him in Parliament on Thursday. Picture: DAVID RITCHIE

Cape Town -

IFP MP Mario Oriani-Ambrosini’s urgent call for the legalisation of dagga for medicinal use seems to have found an ear in the country’s top office.


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