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Marijuana edibles spurring rise in pot-related overdose calls to Illinois Poison Center


Marijuana edibles are becoming increasingly popular, but doctors warn the substances are prone to accidental consumption or may pack too much of a wallop for new users.

Newly released numbers show marijuana overdose-related calls in Illinois jumped significantly after legalization, mainly due to edibles — but remained far below the number of calls for other legal drugs, including alcohol.

The number of calls to the Illinois Poison Center for cannabis rose from 487 in 2019, to 743 in 2020, the year recreational weed was legalized in the state, and increased again to 855 in 2021.

Many of the calls were for consumption of edibles, officials said. Edible cases more than tripled from 80 cases in 2019 to 450 in 2021.


Reasons doctors prescribe marijuana most

woman in pain

Six reasons why doctors recommend using marijuana, according to experts.


Cannabis, Marijuana And Hemp — What Is The Difference, Exactly?

cannabis plant

Cannabis sativa is a universal and versatile plant, so it’s no wonder that it has been given so many names throughout history and the world.

There are many names attributed to the plant that is scientifically known as cannabis sativa. From weed, to hemp, cannabis and marijuana, this seven-pointed leaf plant has a list of aliases that seems to grow as quickly as the plant itself. 

Many names linked to cannabis sativa refer to the same type of plant or product, but not all of these terms should be used interchangeably. In fact, cannabis, hemp and marijuana all refer to different products. It is critical to understand the difference as some of these products are fully legal while others are associated with possible felony offenses. 


Cannabis And Inflammation — What’s The Connection?

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Cannabis works wonders for chronic inflammation but we are just now understanding why.

Regardless of how anyone feels about inflammation or the amount of pain it comes with, it remains an unavoidable healthy response that keeps us alive. From bruising a finger to the after-effects of cancer treatments, inflammation is the body's automatic response to every physical condition. There are times when inflammation could lead to extreme pain and adverse conditions due to a dysfunctional effect on the immune system. At this point, drugs are needed to reduce the pain and hasten to heal.


Capitalizing on CBD

CBD drops

It appears Pakistan may soon be entering the lucrative and growing global cannabis industry. Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government announced late last year that it would allow for the industrial production of hemp, a cannabis plant containing cannabidiol (CBD) that many experts believe has numerous therapeutic benefits and is generally sold in the form of gel capsules, gummies, oils, supplements, and extracts.


Medicinal marijuana patients upset with current prices

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Lafayette - It’s been a few years since the first medicinal marijuana products became available to patients in Louisiana and earlier this month the raw smokeable form was added to the list of available options.

But medicinal marijuana patients in the state are concerned about the pricing.

One of the biggest advocates of medicinal marijuana, senator and pharmacist Fred Mills said he hopes as time goes on prices will go down.

"My hope is that more production takes place, more consumption takes place, and then it’ll be volume-driven," he said.

Before HB391 was passed last summer by governor John Bel Edwards, the only options for medicinal marijuana patients were products like gummies, oils and tinctures.


Researchers developing vaccine to fight opioid use disorder

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A new vaccine being developed could be used to help those prone to Opioid Use Disorder and opiate addiction.

Scientists with a new research center at the University of Washington are working on a vaccine to help fight the opioid epidemic in a bid to stem the tide of overdose deaths that has swept the nation over the past two decades. 

Marco Pravetoni, the head of the new UW Medicine Center for Medication Development for Substance Use Disorders, is leading the effort to develop the vaccine. Similar to immunization against an invading pathogen, the vaccine under development would stimulate the body’s immune system to attack and destroy opioid molecules before they can enter the brain. 


Cannabis Remedies to Temper Certain Cold and Flu Symptoms

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Therapeutic hemp and cannabis products to get you through the first bacterium equinox of 2022.


No, Sorry: Smoking Marijuana Does Not Protect You From COVID-19


Scientific papers don’t usually go viral, but this week, a team of researchers from Oregon State University published a study that contained the magic formula to blow up the internet: cannabis and COVID-19.

According to research published Monday in the Journal of Natural Products (and subsequently rewritten in almost every news outlet on Earth) two compounds found in hemp plants—specifically, acids that become active cannabinoids only after heat is applied—“prevented entry” of the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 into isolated human cells.


Oregon State research shows hemp compounds prevent coronavirus from entering human cells

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Hemp compounds identified by Oregon State University research via a chemical screening technique invented at OSU show the ability to prevent the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human cells.

Findings of the study led by Richard van Breemen, a researcher with Oregon State’s Global Hemp Innovation Center, College of Pharmacy and Linus Pauling Institute, were published today in the Journal of Natural Products.

Hemp, known scientifically as Cannabis sativa, is a source of fiber, food and animal feed, and multiple hemp extracts and compounds are added to cosmetics, body lotions, dietary supplements and food, van Breemen said.


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