WWE legend says Vince McMahon banning marijuana was the "worst thing he could’ve done"

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Jake "the Snake" Roberts

WWE Hall of Famer Jake "The Snake" Roberts feels Vince McMahon banning marijuana wasn't a good move as wrestlers used other drugs.

WWE banned the use of marijuana in the 90s following the high-profile steroid trials. In recent years, WWE eased off on its marijuana policy, and wrestlers neither get suspended nor fined if they're found using marijuana.

On the DDP Snake Pit podcast, Roberts said McMahon shouldn't have banned marijuana as it's not as deadly as other drugs. He said marijuana was a drug that wrestlers used to relax, but with the ban, they had to switch to other substances:

"And then Vince came along and cut the pot out. Man, when he cut that pot out, that was tough, because we didn’t have a go-to thing to relax us now. We had to double up on the beer."

He continued:

"For Vince, the worst thing he could’ve done was take marijuana away from us. Because that was everybody’s go-to thing, to relax. Of course, it was one of the worst things to get out of your system. Whereas cocaine would be out of your system in three days, marijuana would stay in your system for 30 days. So you’re screwed.”

Roberts said mixing substances resulted in the death of many wrestlers.

WWE Hall of Famer Jake Roberts on how he never got in trouble smoking marijuana

Roberts added that marijuana put him at ease and didn't cause him to get angry, unlike other drugs:

"I never got in a fight when I was smoking pot. I never got in trouble when I was smoking pot. I never wanted to do cocaine when I was smoking pot. But you give me a few Jack Daniels, brother, I want to fight and I want some sh*t to go down, and I want some Godd*mn cocaine right now.”

Another WWE Hall of Famer, Booker T, was pleased that WWE changed its stance on marijuana, saying it helps wrestlers manage the pain they put their bodies through.

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