fbpx Does Hollywood icon Christopher Walken, 78, smoke weed? ‘Sure’

Does Hollywood icon Christopher Walken, 78, smoke weed? ‘Sure’

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Oscar-winner reports he consumed cannabis in the past and still does

The eminently talented and endlessly impersonated Christopher Walken recently handled a question about his possible cannabis use with the same style he’s known for: straight-faced, he just admitted it.

Per El Planteo, his response was simple:


Apparently hoping to delve deeper, journalist David Marchese then asked:

“Do you still smoke?” Again, the response was short and sweet:


That might make sense when one considers the breadth of Walken’s career and involvement in everything from harrowing drama, as in his Oscar-winning turn in The Deer Hunter playing Russian roulette, to horror and his exasperated warning in The Dead Zone and crime comedy in Pulp Fiction, featuring the hilarious, most offensive and cringingly uncomfortable story about a gold wristwatch ever.

One never knows if his cannabis confessions are true or not. Later in the New York Times interview on a separate topic, Walken was asked if what he was saying was true. He responded:

“Somebody said to me once: ‘The truth is good, but interesting is better.’’”

Beyond consuming cannabis, though, Walken recalled to the publication that a friend he just might agree with said he enjoys a good cup of coffee, sitting by a fireplace and reading the Sunday Times or the New York Times on a Sunday morning.

He then clarifies he “didn’t mention that a couple of puffs of the joint also added to the equation,” according to Mota Radio.

What does weed icon Cheech Marin think of the actor and skilled dancer? Appearing in War With Grampa with such Hollywood heavyweights as Walken, Robert De Niro and Uma Thurman, Marin told Leafly in 2017 he was thrilled about getting to work with De Niro and Walken.

As for Walken, he “is just the oddest f—ing guy. He’s a funny guy.”

Somewhat surprisingly, one thing he is not is Zen. Walken recalled in the 1970s when everyone was meditating, he thought he would give it a shot, but his cat had different ideas.

“I would get into position and breathe and then my cat would walk in the room and run its tail across my face and that would be the end of my meditation. I wasn’t a good meditator. I don’t think I’m very Zen.”

Asked by the New York Times if, beyond acting, there are other things he would like to try. Walken responded:

“I sometimes think about writing something, but I don’t have much talent for that.” He then adds:

“There’s nothing I can be other than an actor.”

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