Cramps & A Bad Time? 4 Cannabis Products To Help You Cope With Your Period

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Cannabis has become an unlikely source of relief for many suffering from PMS. Here are some products that could ease the discomfort.

Periods affect women in unpredictable ways. While some may feel a general sense of grumpiness and discomfort, a significant group of women experience rough menstrual periods, where they are faced with crippling pain and symptoms such as nausea, muscle aches, abdominal pressure and more. While women have turned to all sorts of medications and practices for relief, marijuana has become an option to alleviate a variety of symptoms. The cannabis industry has capitalized on this need, creating products to treat these symptoms, such as cannabis suppositories and tampons, which provide localized and fast relief. But there’s also soaks and bath salts to relax your entire body while targeting other symptoms aside from the pain in your uterus. Here are four of the best cannabis menstruation products you can find.


Cannabis suppositories are meant to provide fast-acting pain relief.  Taking around 15 – 20 minutes to kick in, cannabis suppositories affect your pelvis region, relaxing your muscles and uterus. Depending on the brand, suppositories can contain more or less THC, with there being CBD options as well.


Soaks and bath salts

A good remedy against pain and period cramps is relaxation, which can be facilitated with a nice long bath and some fancy bath salts. These can be effective and powerful, providing relief for up to 5 hours, and maybe leaving you a little loopy after your bath. Use with care. There’s a variety of brands making these products, including Vertly, Happy Dance, and more.

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are very concentrated and strong, healing your pain with just a few drops if you can stomach the powerful and oily taste. They’re placed under your tongue, and they act fast, within 10 minutes you’ll experience effects, hopefully getting some much-needed relief for your cramps. Tinctures are also a great and safe option for consuming during the daytime, because they won’t make you feel high at all. 

Skin Balms & Creams

Cannabis balms can be used anywhere on the body, providing analgesic effects. Products like Love Your Lady Parts allow you to scoop a spoonful of product and apply it, providing an effective, if a bit messy, option for pain and cramp relief. Wear your least favorite underwear.

When it comes to creams, there’s a wide variety of products that can be applied on your lower back and abdomen, areas commonly affected by period pains, while providing effective pain relief. Popular brands like Lord Jones and Well Care Botanicals make some of the best-reviewed products on the market.

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