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Portable cannabis potency test launched

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The world's first portable, instant cannabis potency testing solution has been developed by a U.S. company which specializes in testing of cannabis for its biochemical properties. The technology is based around a smartphone.

The new device comes from the biotechnology company Purpl Scientific (based in St. Louis, U.S.) Purpl PRO converts a smartphone into a cannabis potency testing system. The add-on is able to deliver a breakdown of the constituents of the cannabis within ten seconds. The focus here is with assessing levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

Speaking with Smart2Zero about the technology, Chad Lieber, President of Purpl Scientific states: “This solution is purpose built for the cannabis market. By delivering the world's first truly mobile cannabis potency testing solution, we are enabling transparency in a market where product labeling is only inching towards standardization."

This video shows the device in operation.


In essence any person using the device will be able to verify the potency of cannabis or a related product rapidly. The commercial aim is to ensure that cannabis is marketed correctly in terms of its stated potency, allowing users of officials to conduct tests where necessary. The assessment of cannabis quality, integrity, and consistency can be made at any point along the value chain.


Technologically the device is based on optical science, machine learning, device miniaturization, and mobile application development. Purpl PRO is available through authorized distributors for around $1,500.


Using a different type of laboratory method, researchers have begun investigating the origins of cannabis and the association with the plant and human society. With this, a research team deployed a technique called gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to isolate and identify compounds preserved from sites of historic interest. The method combines two techniques to identify different substances within a test sample, allowing analysis and detection even of tiny amounts of a substance.


The associated historical research is suggesting that the cannabis plant has a long history of human use, medicinally, ritually, and recreationally, over countless millennia.

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