fbpx Pax 3 - The Best & Healthiest Dry Herb Vaporizer?

Pax 3 - The Best & Healthiest Dry Herb Vaporizer?

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Vaping is on the increase, thanks in part to e-cigarettes. Great and healthier vaping is achieved by reducing exposure to carcinogenic compounds, released as the dry herb burns, usually at 200F and above. And that means to reduce exposure, users need more control of the temperature of the vaping device that they use.

From people who have vaped for years to those new to it, the need for responsive temperature control is what lies at the drive for healthier vaping. As well as temperature, it also depends on what you vape, for how long and how often.

And so many users are looking for healthier options. The Pax 3 is often touted as one of the healthiest dry herb vaporizers available, making many lists of healthy vaping devices.

The Pax 3

Described by many as a formidable vaporizer, the Pax 3 is one of the many products released by Pax Labs. It is a portable Pax vaporizer. In other words, you can have a discreet smoke on-the-go without having to pull a whole heap of paraphernalia from your bag or pocket.

It packs many features into its small frame too. It looks very similar to its predecessor, the Pax 2, but what lies beneath is very different – and much improved. It has an extended battery life, so less charging, less often, and can be used for both dry herbs and other concentrates.

Its overall slim frame means it is small and discreet, something that many users look for in a dry herb vaporizer.

But what other features does it boast?

  • Quick heat up time in 30 seconds or less
  • Bluetooth connectivity so you can control your vaporizer from your smartphone
  • Excellent interior system that makes vaping even more pleasurable

Simple to use

The simplicity of the Pax 3 means that turning it on, packing it and changing the temperature is super-easy, processes that Pax labs haven’t changed much in recent times – if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it. Temperature is important for a healthier vaping experience and this slimline vaporizer is perfect. The LED lights tell you when to start drawing and so you get the hit you need when you need it.

Use the higher temperature for wax and other concentrates, remembering to swap the container after using dry herbs. And if you want to minimize smell and cloud, simply lower the temperature. The Pax 3 using convection heating, meaning that the active ingredients in your substance are vaporized immediately. And this is the major change between this piece of kit and its forerunner, the Pax 2.

It also means that your herbs are overcooked either. Anyone who has experienced this misfortune will know the poor taste and disappointment.

The Pax 3 battery

Battery life is a common feature that users tend to examine in detail. No one wants to be charging their portable vaporizer every five minutes and so changes and improvements in battery life are universally welcomed by the vaping community.

The Pax 3 doesn’t disappoint. It offers double the power with an improved battery capacity. And not only that, the Pax 3 also boats ‘lip sensing technology’. In other words, power is drawn from the battery as it senses you need it (i.e. placed against your mouth).

It is hard to believe that such a compact portable vaporizer that is the Pax 3 could pack such a punch.

Pax 3 dimensions

As portable vaporizers go, the Pax 3 is slimline, compact and discreet, something that everyone looks for in a portable piece of kit. Standing at just under 4” tall and barely an inch wide, this powerful piece of pocket kit is smaller than the average smartphone.


The Pax 3 is a multi-use portable vaporizer so no wonder it is so popular. As well as dry herbs, you can use concentrates too. And more than that, this is the ideal piece of kit whether you are a vaping veteran or a newbie.

How much is the Pax 3?

When it comes to healthier vaping, you need a piece of kit that is responsive, but you also want a portable vaporizer that is cost-effective too. Check with Pax labs for their latest deals but in the main, the Pax 3 is offered with two purchase options: the complete kit (the more expensive option) or the device only (the cheaper option but not by much…).

The complete kit has everything you need – the concentrate insert, the multi-tool, oven for dry herbs and a carry case. If you opt for vaping oils, the complete kit has what you need too.

With seven great colors to choose from, it is a portable vaporizer that is gathering a great response. It is at a great price point too especially when you consider that its fans are a mix of both newbie and veteran vapers.

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