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Global Cannabis Applications Corporation (CSE:APP) (OTCQB:FUAPF) is scheduled to launch a brand new chatbot for their social media app CannaLife this April. The bot, named ‘Sanna’ after the Latin word for health, will connect online users with personalized medical cannabis information and recommendations.

CannaLife is a social platform geared toward medical cannabis users. After creating a profile, users can post photos, videos, and comments on others’ posts. Users can also create and join communities for specific interests or health conditions. Introducing Sanna to the community means users will have access to exclusive medical information on cannabis strains and reactions.

Chatbots and Cannabis

Social media has proven to be a powerful tool for the cannabis industry, but chatbots could open up a brand new door for communication and information sharing.

A chatbot is an app, similar to the likes of Facebook Messenger, with one key difference: there is not a human on the other side. Instead, there is a program designed specifically to interact with you in a certain way. The bot can answer medical questions or help you tend a garden. PotNetwork reported on one such chatbot earlier this year. Elle, from WeGrow, is a bot who helps home growers track their marijuana’s growth and potency.

Mason Levy, the creator of the WeGrow app, appeared on the Cannabis Insider podcast to talk about Elle. He said that chatting was a natural way for people to get to know one another, and using Elle to chat engages consumers in a way that is both comfortable and empowering.

“Chatbots make technology accessible,” he said. “Most of the time these chatbots are powered by rules, flowcharts, maybe some artificial intelligence you interact with, but really chatbots are there to empower and engage people.”

At the end of the day, chatbots exist to connect cannabis connoisseurs with similar needs and interests. For Global Cannabis, they needed a chatbot to help users find medical information. That’s why Sanna is powered by CannaReps’ Cann Help Deck, a deck of educational cards that cover everything marijuana, from strains to cannabinoids to products and conditions.

This essentially means that Sanna acts as a personalized budtender for anyone using CannaLife. The chatbot will answer questions in real time and forward information through the help deck and its social experience with other users on the app.

“Sanna uses machine learning and natural language processing to interpret and understand what is happening with medical cannabis patients in real time and provide them the best possible information on a global scale,” Brad Moore, CEO of Global Cannabis, clarified in a statement last month.

Accessibility and interaction are key to Sanna’s successful integration, and choosing to create her as a chatbot guarantees engagement. Social media is more than just a code, it is a community, and Sanna can tap into that community by starting a conversation.

Artificial Intelligence and Cannabis

Chatbots can and do operate with some level of AI, but they are not predicting pot stock priceslike some of their technology twins. And for Global Cannabis, the company is not designing tech for the stock market. Artificial intelligence in the cannabis industry will be used to collect consumer data as it relates to medical marijuana use.

According to a statement released last summer, Global Cannabis' AI “is anticipated to augment the existing data pool.” What Global Cannabis calls “big data,” this information will be available to cannabis users and healthcare professionals on a global scale. The goal is to create an intelligence program that will make it easier to identify and prescribe key strains of medical marijuana. The AI will use blockchain technology to collect information as securely as possible.

Sanna could be the beginning of this kind of intelligence program. A chatbot can engage users with its store of information, but it will also learn from those with whom it engages. Global Cannabis is relying on Sanna’s ability to learn from its users so that they too can learn from their own consumers.

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