Canada: Medical marijuana 101? College offers course on cannabis business as legalization looms

An Ontario college is offering a new class it says responds to the growing demand for a skilled professionals to support Canada's expanding medical marijuana industry as legalization looms.

And it's not exactly reading, writing, and arithmetic.

The two-day class, offered this weekend by Durham College in Oshawa, Ont., is said to be the first-of-its kind offered by an Ontario college. And it's designed specifically for those with a business background interested in pursuing a career in the medical cannabis field. 

Medical Cannabis Fundamentals for Business Professionals examines regulatory and legal considerations, ethics, cultivation and quality control, basic clinical concepts and marketing, among other topics. 

Sarah Medel is a registered nurse and says there's a lack of information for patients about how the industry works.

'Why not discuss it?'

"Patients are looking for information from reputable sources for medical cannabis treatments. They wanna know how to gain access, sit down with...

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