Legal Weed Could Generate More Than 100,000 Jobs

A burgeoning cannabis industry could bring thousands of new jobs to California, a new report from the Marijuana Policy Group estimates.

The report, “The Economic Impact of Marijuana Legalization in Colorado,” uses a “Marijuana Impact Model” to measure the economic impacts of legalizing weed — and uses Colorado as proof. The group found that 18,005 jobs were created in the state because of legalization. 

If the same proportion holds in California, at least 130,432 jobs could be created if Proposition 64 is approved by voters. The situation isn’t directly comparable because, unlike Colorado, the Golden State had legal medical marijuana before.

Data on the number of medical marijuana jobs in California is scant, as the state hasn’t tracked employment information down to that level of specificity. Still, California currently has 2,756 dispensaries, according to the Marijuana Business Daily. 

The study in Colorado was conducted by a pro-marijuana think tank, but...

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