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AOC, Joyce Introduce Bipartisan Bill for 'Immediate Relief' From Cannabis Convictions


"Goes to show that lawmakers don't have to agree on everything to find common ground on solutions to the challenges facing everyday Americans."

Drug war foes welcomed the introduction Thursday in the U.S. House of Representatives of a bipartisan bill to help states expunge cannabis convictions by reducing costs and red tape through a new federal program.

"There is no justification for continuing to prevent tens of millions of Americans from fully participating in their community and workforce simply because they bear the burden of a past marijuana conviction."


Biden’s oil and gas policy falls short on climate goals, House Democrats say


Democrats on the U.S. House Natural Resources Committee on Thursday encouraged President Joe Biden to take stronger action to limit oil and gas production, while Republicans said reducing domestic production would only increase global emissions from overseas suppliers.


Marijuana Banking Reform: Millions Seek Banking Services Via Defense Act

The feds have a vested interest in allowing marijuana businesses to access banking, if for no other reason than to more effectively collect taxes from them.


NORML: State Legislators Passed More Than 50 Cannabis Reform Laws in 2021

cannabis word

If cannabis reform is an incremental process, and it is, then this past year has shown the industry just how much can be accomplished in state-level legislation.

Following the watershed election in 2020, state legislators across the U.S. got down to business this year. As detailed in a new report from NORML, state legislatures have passed and enacted more than 50 cannabis reform laws since January. 

At the top of the list: Virginia, Connecticut and New Mexico, which passed adult-use legalization measures. New York and New Jersey also crossed that line by passing the laws that would enact voter-approved adult-use measures passed last November.


How America’s Outlook On Medical Marijuana Has Changed Since The Passage Of Prop 215 — 25 Years Ago

marijuana on American flag

Now that more than half of the U.S. has permitted legalized medical marijuana, it’s clear to see the ripple effects that the law has had.

It’s hard to put into words how far along the fight to end marijuana prohibition has come. It’s fair to assume that much of that progress wouldn’t have been possible without the passage of California’s Prop 215 back in November 1996.

The passage of Prop 215 made it possible for Californians to purchase, possess and use marijuana for a select handful of conditions like cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, HIV and AIDS. Ever since the law passed, medical marijuana has steadily changed the way many Americans view cannabis.

Here are a few key ways the nation’s outlook on cannabis has changed over the course of the last quarter-century.


New GOP weed approach: Feds must ‘get out of the way’

Republicans from statehouses to Congress are pushing legalization bills.

Republicans are warming to weed.

Nearly half of Republican voters support federally decriminalizing cannabis, and GOP lawmakers are now beginning to reflect their constituents’ view by increasingly supporting broad legalization at the state and federal level.


Kaleb Michaud, PhD, on Skyrocketing Cannabis Use Among People with Rheumatic Diseases

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U.S.-wide study found cannabis use tripled; may highlight unmet needs in pain control and mental health

Cannabis use among people with rheumatic diseases (RMDs) tripled between 2014 and 2019.

That's according to the first US-wide study designed to evaluate the prevalence of cannabis use in a large population of people with RMDs. The findings appear in Arthritis Care & Research.

Among 11,006 survey respondents, cannabis use increased from 6.3% in 2014 to 18.4% in 2019. The greatest prevalence of use occurred in states where cannabis use has been legalized.

In both years, a clear majority of users (74% in 2014; 62% in 2019) reported that cannabis helped relieve their arthritis symptoms.


Weekend Cannabis Sales To Surpass $250M

cash pile

Black Friday is expected to bring in another $88 million, up 71% from daily average sales. It will likely become another top 10 sales day for 2021.The Wednesday before Thanksgiving, sometimes called “Green Wednesday” due to the high cannabis sales figures usually registered on that date, could be the second-highest sales day of the year.

In fact, according to business intelligence from Akerna U.S. cannabis consumers will spend $251 million over the four days around Thanksgiving(11/24-11/27), a 60% increase over daily average sales.


Marijuana-Based Sleep Aid Could Be ‘Life Changing’ For Those With Sleep Trouble

woman laying on bed

Tens of millions of Americans have trouble falling or staying asleep. While there are many over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids, most are not permanent solutions.

Now, a Massachusetts cannabis retailer is offering up a marijuana-based alternative.

Garden Remedies is teaming up with the therapeutic company Real Isolates on a cannabis pill directly aimed at helping people sleep. It’s meant for people like Peter Riggs of Newton, who suffers from PTSD and needs extra help shutting his eyes.

“I’m ready to go to sleep and my mind isn’t scared,” said Peter. “It’s whimsical.”

Miyabe Shields is one of the scientists in charge of the effort. She says the process involves harvesting two compounds from marijuana.


Meet the ex-health regulator forced to dispose of $35 million of cannabis products

holding cannabis

Here's what she wants you to know.

Kim Stuck, the first cannabis and hemp specialist for a major metropolitan public health authority in the U.S., disposed of about US$28 million ($35 million) worth of cannabis products in 2015.

She was working in Denver, at the time, and there was no specific code the companies behind the products flouted. In fact, they weren’t aware they had done anything wrong.


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