Second cannabis retail store opens in Toronto

A second cannabis retail store has opened in Toronto in one of the city’s wealthiest areas.

Ameri, is a small cannabis store located at 20 Cumberland St. in Yorkville, located amid the high-rise towers in the area that are home to some of Toronto’s wealthiest residents.

The store says that technology will play a key role in the visitor experience.

“We’re trying to be a more boutique location with knowledgeable staff. We want people to enjoy their visit, get what they need and hopefully we can be of assistance,” said Rob, a store manager. The company has a policy for staff to provide their first names only due to concerns about crossing the Canada-U.S. border.


Ontario brick-and-mortar cannabis shops open today

Today is the first day in Ontario that legal brick-and-mortar cannabis shops are opened but as of right now, it’s unknown how many of these shops are actually ready for business.

Recreational cannabis has been legal in Ontario since Canada legalized in October, but it’s so far only been available in the province online through the official provincial website. The Liberal provincial government had plans to open only government-run stores, but when a Conservative government was elected, they changed the plan so that privately-run stores could open.


Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg partner with Canopy Growth in new business venture

Canadian actor and comedian Seth Rogan along with Even Goldberg have entered into a partnership with Canopy Growth to launch a Toronto-based, Canadian cannabis brand called Houseplant.

Rogan and Goldberg, who worked together on the 2008 stoner film Pineapple Express, as well as Superbad, and The Interview, have co-founded the new company with “other great friends and colleagues”.

“Houseplant is the result of years of experience and dedication, with each element and expression thoughtfully designed to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis as much as Houseplant does,” the company stated in a press release.

“We have been working on this quietly for years and seeing everything come together is a dream come true,” said Rogen.


Cannabis-related incidents are sending more Coloradans to the ER

Cannabis-related trips to the emergency room have tripled in Colorado over the past five years since cannabis was made legal in the state, according to a new study.  

The study was published Monday in Annals of Internal Medicine following several instances of tourists in Colorado needing to go to the emergency room from cannabis, with symptoms including a racing heart rate, psychotic episodes and excessive vomiting, especially after consuming edibles.


Nova Scotia hospital sees increase in cannabis-related calls

Following an influx of calls to its poison center, the IWK Health Centre in Nova Scotia is warning parents about the dangers of edible marijuana. The center said it received three times as many cannabis-related calls in 2018 than in 2015.

The Centre said that other poison centers across Canada have received more calls than usual since the country legalized cannabis in October. Most of the issues have been a result of exposure to concentrated forms of cannabis and other infused edibles. Many of the calls have been in relation to children aged 12 and under.


Ontario golf course plans to be first cannabis themed course in Canada

A Canadian golf course is making golf greener than ever.

Rolling Greens, a golf course in Lombard, near Smith’s Falls, will give golfers the chance to enjoy a round of golf while enjoying cannabis on the green.

Director of Entertainment at Rolling Greens Gordon Weiske told sources that the organization is calling itself “Canada’s first cannabis-themed golf and entertainment destination.”

“When legalization was announced, we looked at how to approach this,” said Weiske. “Everybody wants to be a licensed grower or seller, so we thought, ‘why don’t we look after the tourist and entertainment market?’ We thought a great concept would be a golf course. You’ve got 164 acres, go out and enjoy yourself.”


Colorado may have cannabis tasting rooms in 2020

Coloradans are a step closer to being allowed to smoke in social settings thanks to a bill that was introduced last week.

 House Bill 19-1230 would allow a regulated system for people to consume cannabis in social settings. With a proper license, it would allow cannabis hospitality establishments to run where there would be some product sales but would ultimately provide a space for people to consume their cannabis.

If the bill is passed, establishments could be allowed as early as January 2020.


Florida Senate passes bill to allow smokable medical cannabis

The Florida Senate voted last week to repeal the ban on smokable medical cannabis products in an overwhelming 34-4 vote.

Bill SB 182 will allow for patients to get 2.5 ounces of cannabis every 35 days, will provide $1.5 million for medical cannabis research as well as allow smoking in certain nursing homes as well as hospice facilities.

“We’ve been working around the clock with our colleagues in the House, with the Governor’s Office to come up with a consensus product and I think we’ve done that,” said State Senator Jeff Brandes who sponsored the bill.  


NHL Alumni Association partners with Canopy Growth for post-concussion studies

The NHL Alumni Association (NHLAA) announced on the weekend that they are entering a partnership with major Canadian cannabis company Canopy Growth to see how Cannabis could potentially provide medical benefits for former NHL players.

The study will be led by neurosurgeon of NEEKA Healthcare Dr. Amin Kassam. They will specifically examine how certain marijuana compounds can treat illnesses associated with concussions.

“As we continue to break new ground, push for increasing understanding as a medicine, we feel it is necessary for ourselves to step up and advance research in this space,” Chief Medical Officer of Canopy Growth Dr. Mark Ware said at an event in Toronto.


Hawaii unveils out-of-state medical cannabis program

Medical cannabis patients visiting the Aloha State will be able to purchase their medicine during their stay after Hawaii officials unveiled their out-of-state medical program on Tuesday.

Hawaii has one of the fastest growing medical programs with $12.6 million in sales last year and more than 1,500 pounds of medical cannabis sold in the state. Officials have said that shortages have so far not been an issue and it’s unlikely that they’ll see a shortage issue anytime soon. As such, the state officially opened their medical cannabis registration program to patients from outside of the state.


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