Exclusive: Burning the stigma of cannabis as “the gateway drug”

Early last week, over 40 Governors descended on Washington DC to attend the 110th National Governor’s Association meeting. US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in attendance and where he is typically vocal and aggressive with his opinions on marijuana, he was reportedly dismissive toward governors wanting to speak with him about state and federal laws on medical and recreational cannabis.


The Best Laid Plans: Why Your Cannabusiness Needs a PR Response Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes a business can make is believing a company crisis could never happen to them. However, as seen in the news almost daily, all it takes is one bad customer service representative and a smartphone to force a business to surrender its reputation completely.

As more and more areas worldwide legalize marijuana both medicinally and recreationally each day, businesses, both big and small, are popping up to accommodate and capitalize on the rapidly growing industry. Like any business, there are an infinite number of things that can go wrong from safety concerns, to a disgruntled employee slandering the company. In any case, companies should place heavy importance on quality public relations to avoid and manage crises.  


Cory Gardner’s attack on the Justice Department over Cannabis continues

U.S. Senator Cory Gardner remains firm in his vow to jam all appointments to the Department of Justice until Attorney General Jeff Sessions softens his stance on marijuana according to an article released by the Denver Post.

Sen. Gardner’s siege to protect both Colorado’s cannabis industry and the state’s sovereignty has stopped at least 11 nominees from getting a Senate floor vote, and there is nothing in sight to suggest that Gardner and Sessions can find common ground.

All of this stems from a decision made last month by Sessions to repeal a policy originally established by Obama which left alone states that have legalized marijuana, like Colorado, despite the fact that it’s still illegal at the federal level.


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