CBD Oil is becoming more and more popular for pet owners

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Bobby Shultz, owner of the CBD American Shaman in Warren, explains why pet owners are turning to CBD for their pets

While many people use CBD products for personal reasons, CBD pet products are starting to become more and more common. According to Bobby Shultz, manager and owner of the CBD American Shaman in Warren, their pet products are quite popular.

“People love their pets so they are purchasing products they think their pets will benefit from,” he says.

Before jumping in, pet owners should follow a few steps to find the right product and serving size for their furry friends.

First Step: Consult with a vet

Before pet owners introduce CBD products to their cats and/or dogs, it is important that they speak with their pet’s veterinarian. The pet’s doctor will be able to offer advice based on each pet’s own specific medical history. They can also recommend an appropriate serving size to start with and the best product types to try.

Finding the right products

There are a variety of pet-specific CBD products available. CBD American Shaman carries tinctures, treats, and water-soluble hemp oil for cats and dogs as well as CBD horse treats. Pet CBD oil tinctures can be added to pet food, onto treats, or dropped directly under a pet’s tongue. Water soluble canine hemp oil can be added directly to a pet’s water bowl.

CBD American Shaman’s pet product line uses high quality and terpene rich pure hemp extract that are made with American grown non-GMO hemp.

Just like humans, some pets prefer one type of CBD product over the others. “Our customers start off by purchasing different types of CBD pet products to give to their cats or dogs so they can see which ones their pets prefer,” explains Bobby.

Finding the right serving size is also important.

For pets, CBD American Shaman recommends between 2 mg and 5 mg of CBD per 25 pounds of body weight. The serving size can be adjusted after observing how a pet acts and feels. Just like humans, each pet will have a different experience with CBD product

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