Cannabis Products Up the 'Wow' Factor for the Holidays

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A $10,000 stash box and a joint wrapped in 24K gold are two of the items that will be on high-end cannabis shoppers' gift lists this holiday season, according to mg Magazine, a trade journal that tracks trends in the cannabis industry.

With the holidays fast approaching, mg identified fall's hottest and most innovative cannabis products for every type of consumer. Luxury cannabis accessories brand Freeminded is trending for its $10,000 alligator-skin joint carrying case, a piece of exquisite craftsmanship for those interested in the ultra-pricey. NectarBee bedazzled a .95g joint with 24K gold-leaf paper for consumers who like making a statement. Hitoki reimagined the cannabis pipe with a laser-activated combustion system that offers cleaner smoke and truer flavor while removing the need for a lighter or hemp wick. All three companies are relative newcomers to the industry, and mg's editors—who see hundreds of products a month—were bowled over by the ingenuity and creativity in the new releases.

"Stocking a cannabis retail operation isn't easy," said Kathee Brewer, editorial director at Inc Media, mg Magazine's parent company. "Retailers try to offer something for every demographic, and that's a herculean task—made more difficult by the absence of trade markets like other consumer-packaged-good industries enjoy and the suspension of trade shows during the past eighteen months. So mg's editorial team evaluated a mountain of new-to-the-market products over the past few months to provide retailers a look at what consumers will find intriguing this season."

The resulting list of thirty-four products provides some insight into what the future may hold for cannabis consumption across all categories, price points, and demographics. More immediately, the curated selection will help retailers prepare for a period that historically has a huge impact on their annual revenues: Over the past four years, 46% of the top ten sales days in cannabis fell between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

The Fall Buyers' Guide is included in mg Magazine's October issue, which also features a profile of Kentuckian Jeremy Jacobs, a technology visionary who revolutionized the oil-and-gas and digital signage industries prior to founding Enlighten, which provides a digital ecosystem for cannabis dispensaries. Jacobs predicts the cannabis retail model will evolve within the next few years to resemble quick-service restaurants, complete with kiosk ordering stations and drive-through windows.

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