Oklahoma dispensary owners, growers frustrated over new medical marijuana tracking system

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Confusion and frustration are growing in Oklahoma's medical marijuana industry as businesses were supposed to start using new software to track plants in the Sooner State

A class-action lawsuit, however, has put that on hold. Now, growers and dispensary owners told KOCO 5 they are concerned the money they've spent will go to waste.

"Half the businesses are using it. Half of them don't know when it's coming out. The other half don't want it to come out," Corbin Wyatt, the CEO of Likewise Cannabis, said about the latest tracking system used for marijuana in Oklahoma run by a company called Metric. "Metric is a combination for two things. It's an internet platform used through a web browser, and then it's a physical tag with a barcode. They essentially track a marijuana plant from the time it's a seed to the time it's being sold to the end-user."

Officials said the seed-to-sale tracking system will help crack down on illegal marijuana use. But people like Wyatt said the system is very expensive.

"It's rough to bear the full cost of this, especially when the full cost can add up quickly," he said.

A class-action lawsuit filed in Okmulgee County has put all this on hold.

In a statement to KOCO 5, the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Association said it's extending the deadline to adopt the software in light of the lawsuit. Licensees will be notified with a new timeline for implementation as soon as one is available, the agency said.

Wyatt said business owners and growers in the industry weren't notified of the extension.

"We don't know exactly when that will be. We don't know what the finalized system will look like, what the cost will be associated with that," Wyatt said.

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